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Clipping Path International is a Global realstic and natural photo editing service provider for all digital photography agencies.

We belive that’s the service quality is the main key of a successful business.

We provide your required photographs at very shorty time at expected price   !

Your Needed Services

Basically we provide all kind of photo editing services. Here is some sample services. To see more details services visit the service page.













Edited Your E-commerce Images Full Free of Cost  !

For kind attention! Clipping Path International provide over 2 images full free of cost. All will get the likelihood for each service. To get the best judgement of our all services quality we are offering this. That’s why our clients will comfort to work with us. Welcome to all of you for getting the perfect services at the right time with competitive price. For sure, don’t be hesitated to knock us. Our support team is always ready to help you.

Wedding Photo Editing

Clipping Path International has a 7 years experienced and trusted company for the best wedding or marriage photo editing. Best wishes for all Photographers who are looking for edited and customized their wedding photography. CPI offers quick turnaround with 24/7 service support. Our expert team will help the extreme level of edits. We are working every part of wedding photo editing as like camera reflection remove, bad lighting, color balance, camera raw adjustment, perfection of the retouching, enhancement including all others.

Wedding Photo Editing Wedding Photo Retouching

Wedding Photo Editing Wedding Photo colorization

Clipping Path International Photo Editing Services Pricing Sample

As a well known photo editing company Clipping Path International is offering to you a reasonable price that’s in your simple ability. Don’t worry about it. You can talk about the pricing to depend on your image.

Clipping Path Services

clipping path clipping path

Start From  $0.29  Per Image

Basic Paths                                       $0.29

Simple Paths                                    $0.49

Complex paths                                $2.99

Super Complex Path                      $5.49

Ghost Mannequin Effect

Ghost mannequin Ghost mannequin

Start From  $0.99  Per Image

Neck Joint                                          $0.99

Remove Mannequin                         $1.29

3D Ghost Mannequin                       $1.49

Bottom or Sleeves Joint                  $1.99

Image Retouching Service

Image Retouch Image Retouch

Start From  $0.49  Per Image

Product Retouch                             $0.49

Basic Photo Retouch                      $0.99

Glamour Retouch                           $4.99

High-end Retouch                          $7.99

How It Works

Here is the how it works section. In this area is very easy. After getting the free quotation, you just upload your files or images to us then our expert team will start work and sent to you QC done photos. You make the payment on short time.

CPI working process

Step 1

Request A Free Quote

Step 3

Start Working

Step 2

Upload Your Images

Step 4

Download your Done Images

Product Photography

Product photographs are very important for eCommerce business. As a photo editing company Clipping Path International known this well. You can see these photos below as like the sample. Question to know more and details to our support team, they are ready!

Ecommerce photography

Clipping Path

Creative Job at CPI

E-commerce Image Editing

About Clipping Path International

CPI means Clipping Path International. It’s a photoshop service provider company. We provide multi photoshop services even though our main service is clipping path. Each and every photoshop services you will get from us. We work with various customers. Our customers can be a photographer, e-commerce business owner, retailers, advertise agency etc. We provide services according to the customer’s choice. Different clients want different services such as Clipping Path, Image Masking, Photo Retouching, Color Correction and Enhancement, Wedding Photo Editing, Image Optimization, Ghost Mannequin, Shadow Service, Background Remove, E-commerce image editing, Car Photo Editing and more others. Remember, We are very sensible about our service quality. Always we are focusing on it.

Clipping Path in Product Photos at eCommerce Business

Photography is mandatory in the virtual world e-commerce business. E-commerce business growth depends on creative photographs and the attractions of the decoration of online shop. When we try to buy something through online, various sellers make their shop an Extraordinary display with product selling item photos. It’s a strategy of e-commerce business. To expand sales and increased real shopper there is no alternative of praiseworthy photography. Now you need to edit your captured product photos for more impressive shoppers, and you need an expert hand to do this job. This section Clipping Path International is an unrivaled company.  CPI made done photos unbelievable realistic, and consumers surprising. For the best quality services, main reason is handmade manual clipping path that’s been influenced image nature and make it more beautiful. Finally you will get expectant customers for your e-commerce  shop and progress business. We are affiliated with various e-commerce business agencies.

Our Clients

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