Shadow Service

Photoshop shadow service is a very common service, but it has an important role of the photo editing world.  Without Shadow product photos look unattractive and reprehensible. For display product photos on e-shop, the shadow service must be needed.

Simply, you can compare the both with shadow photo and without shadow photo. Obviously shadow photo will look more impressive and without shadow photo look uglier near the shadow photo. Here remember, there are some types of shadow. 

All shadow items are not same. Shadow is depends on image style and types and customers expectation. The shadow services name are natural shadow, original shadow, Drop Shadow, reflection shadow and more also. Each shadow will applied depend on the nature of product photos.

Finally, I want to say. To bring natural and realistic look for a product photo, shadow service is essential and need to apply it professionally then display on e-shop.

Shadow Service Types

There are some types of Professional Shadow Service. To make your product images more appropiate to use for webshop we applied these services


Natural Shadow

Natural shadow is a good shadow item. This shadow applied to the product bottom area. The natural shadow removes the extra noise from the background.  It makes the product marvelous and so excellent look. This will perfect for displaying.

Natural Shadow Service Natural Shadow Adding

Drop Shadow

A professional shadow maker makes the drop shadow by suing the Photoshop software filters. In the feature drop shadow applied direct sunlight and floating on a white background that’s made this photo more authentic.

Drop Shadow Service Drop Shadow Adding

Original Shadow

Noticeable, sometimes after captured a product photo there error or any issue. For this reason the image looks unreal. So our expert designer tries to make it more realistic and back retail the original shadow in the product photo.

Original Shadow Original Shadow

Reflection Shadow

Reflection shadow gives an interesting look. This service makes a copy shadow under the same product photo. Generally, the reflection shadow created from bottles, plates, glass, ceramic item products etc. However this look is awesome. See the added image.

Reflection Shadow Reflection Shadow

How shadow influence E-commerce business

Photoshop shadow makes change a revolution of product photos, and it’s a reason of surprising. Shadow adding photos are looking more natural and illuminative. For e-commerce business product photograph has enough importance. Shadow added images can turn the business future progress in a very high destination.


Why Clipping Path International for Shadow

Clipping Path International is the best shadow service provider by using Photoshop software. We try to impress our customers by providing special quality task.

Our shadow adding techniques are also different from others. CPI clients are always gladsome with it. CPI created shadow services latest version and update software. For this reason we are famous.

You can take a free trial for 2 images to check our work quality. After check our done image’s quality, you can be uploaded, you rest images for this project. Here, you will need a quotation we will give it free also. There has a great option CPI provides their free trial with a guarantee for satisfied. Clients must choose our work samples.

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