Image Masking Service

Image Masking is an advanced Photoshop method of removing an image background. Where clipping path is very difficult or not possible, there uses this process.

In this process, a designer eliminates the background very easily. In fact, clipping path is more popular than image masking to remove background but this one is applied for special photographs.

As like human hair image, furry image, doll photograph, wool product item, it can be apparel or any clear background. This procedure is so effective for the photo editing world. Clipping Path International expert designers do this job accurately in a short time and pricing is so competitive.

There are many types of image masking service, these are like Layer Masking, Alpha Channel Masking, Fur & Hair Masking, Color Masking, Object Masking, Translucent Object Masking, Transparent Object Masking etc.

Image Masking Types

Photoshop Image Masking Serivce has a classification. Depends on the classification some types are given below with sample works of our expert designers.

Layer Masking

Image Masking Image Masking

Layer Mask in Photoshop applied to separating photo objects from background. The mask applied directly to the layer using the refine edge. It just used for removing the background. Our Image Masking expert team work smoothly.

Alpha Channel Masking

Alpha Channel Masking Alpha Channel Masking

To apply this process first we remove an object from image backgrounds. We use the channels selection tool or mask in alpha channel masking. This technique is used there another technique applied very difficult.

Hair & Fur Masking 

Image Masking Image Masking

This one is used for removing hair image or fur image background reason there clipping path technique is not possible to apply. So there must need to use the masking process. There come 100% perfect results. Hoping you will glad to see this service quality.

Transparent object Masking

image masking image masking

Transparent object Masking used for the photos of plastic bottle, any glass photo, drop of water or rain etc. This is the precise for these photographs.

Translucent Object Masking

Transparent object Masking and Translucent object masking there is not more difference. Both are related, here is a simple difference opacity. All these applied products are also same. It’s not a highly complex service.

Translucent Object Masking

Why Image Masking at Clipping Path International

Photoshop image masking is a demand-pull service. All related peoples are known it very well. As a well-known company, many are known our work quality and service providing timeline.

Clipping Path International is very strict for their policy. That’s time, pricing, service quality etc. We provide at short time. The CPI pricing policy is not high and no compromise with service quality. There is no way to cheat. Our Business policy is very honest. To know more you can read the policy page.

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